Amazon redesigns My Account page

Amazon has been doing some tinkering again, this time to their Account page. This set of tweaks was long overdue. They didn’t change the functionality of the page; just its organization and readability. But I noticed, as I hit my account this morning for the first time in a while, that it made a big Read more about Amazon redesigns My Account page[…]

But it wouldn’t be speeding if everyone else would just go faster!

I hate to copy the post outright but it’s so short, and the whole quote is just hilarious. Because it’s so true. From Seth’s Blog: “Trying to convince a CEO of anything is a little like trying to convince a cop not to give you a ticket. It’s possible, but rarely worth the effort, given Read more about But it wouldn’t be speeding if everyone else would just go faster![…]

It’s official: Sitening took me on.

From the Sitening blog: Sitening LLC, a bright, growing web marketing agency has hired Internet veteran Kate O’Neill as Managing Director. Sure, sure, I’m excited about “the focus we’re going to be able to apply” and joining “such a talented group of web professionals.” Whatever. The real reason this rocks is this: Dude. Coffee goes Read more about It’s official: Sitening took me on.[…]

Six Easy Ways to Get Started in Behavioral Targeting

I got email this morning from an editor at Circulation Management asking for clarification on some of the points from the presentation at the Circulation Management show in Chicago a few weeks ago, and since I was writing up some thoughts for her, I thought I’d put them here, too. Enjoy! Behavioral Targeting: Six Easy Read more about Six Easy Ways to Get Started in Behavioral Targeting[…]

Tree-friendly reads for Earth Day

We’ve just launched a promotion on that spotlights titles printed on recycled or sustainably harvested paper. Earth Day wasn’t originally on our seasonal marketing calendar (silly oversight) so we pulled this together on very short notice, and I’m proud of us for making the effort.

We’re in the money!

CNN Money, that is. Omniture put out a press release about some of the success has had using their Test & Target (formerly Offermatica) tool, and it got picked up on CNN Money’s Marketwire. And look! “When specifying our testing and optimization goals, we wanted to deliver more personalized content to different types of Read more about We’re in the money![…]

What’s next? Will they trade orange for pink?

I’m kind of annoyed about the news that Home Depot is opening new stores aimed at women, but not nearly as annoyed as I am that they’re calling them “Her Depot.” I mean, seriously, wtf? I worked at Home Depot some 12 years ago. I was a head cashier and worked at the special services Read more about What’s next? Will they trade orange for pink?[…]