I’m passionate about the use of data and technology to empower humanity and improve the human experience. I’m also passionate about meaningfulness across data, technology, business, and life.

I write articles, a column, blog posts, and books about various aspects of meaning and the human experience, and in particular the role technology plays. I speak about these topics and about women in technology, in leadership, and in business overall. I also consult with select clients to help think through strategy at all levels and, with clients who have customer-centric, data-rich problems to solve, deployment of data and technology programs in their marketing.

Some of my philosophies are:

  • improving the customer experience will almost always result in a more profitable business
  • improvements can (and perhaps should) be done iteratively, in small, testable steps
  • analytics are people, and they represent human motivations, needs, and desires
  • relevance is a form of respect, so presenting people with tailored messaging and experience is not only more effective but appreciated, but then again so is discretion, so do it in proportion and balance
  • empathy is the starting point of developing effective experiences

If you are interested in having me speak at an event, at your company, or at your group or association meeting, or if you are interested in finding out how I might consult with your business to help your and your team think through strategy and/or marketing technology challenges, please email me directly.

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