The holidays smell so good!

My coworkers gave me a bottle of Marc Jacobs perfume from my Amazon wish list during our holiday party last week. Karsten gave me a bottle of Prada perfume (also from my Amazon wish list) for my birthday yesterday morning. And then our neighbor who works for Chanel left me & Karsten each some cologne Read more about The holidays smell so good![…]

Forgetting about Father’s Day

I wonder about the organizers of Bonnaroo, and whether they intentionally scheduled the festival for the weekend of Father’s Day. You have to figure that with 80,000 some attendees, there are bound to be a whole lot of arguments about missing the family cookout or whatever. As I am not attending Bonnaroo nor is my Read more about Forgetting about Father’s Day[…]

Oh Christmas shirt, oh Christmas shirt…

“Hey Enid, the atheists are decorating for Christmas again.” We have a Christmas shirt hanging in our living room! Complete with ornaments and garland! I’ll bet it’s the best Christmas shirt any of you have ever seen. Also, we have oddball Christmas decorations picked up at various thrift stores, like a two-headed reindeer metallic candelabra. Read more about Oh Christmas shirt, oh Christmas shirt…[…]