We Needed a Woman

“Excuse me”—I keep walking. As one does. Vaguely aware of two young women sitting off to the side of the sidewalk and laughing, I quickly come to the conclusion that they’re trying to ask for money.But the voice repeats and gets to the point more quickly: — “excusemecanyoutakeapictureofus?” I turn to see two 20-something women Read more about We Needed a Woman[…]

Everything gets into everything

Although I lived in Chicago for many St. Patrick’s Days, there was only one year I actually saw the boats out dyeing the river green, and that was in 2003 as I walked to the court house with the first great love of my life, Karsten Soltauer, to get married. We paused for a while Read more about Everything gets into everything[…]

Writing as Identity and Action

A long time ago I read something Kevin Smith said about how if you ever thought you might be a filmmaker, guess what: you are. I don’t remember how he said it exactly, but what I took away was that if you want to be a filmmaker, you have to both decide you are a filmmaker and, y’know, actually make films. I’m Read more about Writing as Identity and Action[…]

Five Years, and The Good Things on the Other Side of Acceptance

2012 was one of the most profoundly life-altering years for me. I lost my husband, I became chronically injured, my business struggled from my inability to focus on it, many of my friends went through illnesses, divorces, and family deaths of their own — no kidding, it was a very hard time. But in mid-December Read more about Five Years, and The Good Things on the Other Side of Acceptance[…]

Algorithmic Lookalikes

I’m back visiting my old home town of Nashville for a few days, and had a super-fun breakfast conversation with Mary Laura Philpott this morning during which she mentioned that she sometimes gets automatically tagged in photos as Nashville mayor Megan Barry. The two bear a passing resemblance but not enough that you’d probably think to comment on Read more about Algorithmic Lookalikes[…]