Haven’t thought about that in a while

Oddly enough, a Google news alert for “kate o’neill” brought me to this topic in the bisexual community over at LiveJournal. Turns out no one was talking about me — the “kate” came from “Kate Winslet” and the “o’neill” from “Chris O’Neill” — but in a way, they kind of were, in a strange coincidence. Read more about Haven’t thought about that in a while[…]

Sorry about all the movie-watching

Check it out: “The anonymity of the Netflix Prize dataset has been broken by a pair of computer scientists from the University of Texas[…]. It turns out that […] it’s straightforward to find a match by comparing the anonymized data against publicly available ratings on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)[…] in the process possibly working Read more about Sorry about all the movie-watching[…]

Good, Bad, Ugly: weekend recap edition

The ugly: we spent the entire weekend obsessing over fleas. In 8.67 years of living with multiple cats, they have never had fleas. Admittedly, our cats have been outside (on leashes) more lately than ever but I also think the flea population must be larger this year, probably due to the heat. Anyway, we’d “treated” Read more about Good, Bad, Ugly: weekend recap edition[…]

Shouldn’t I be saying something about Netflix right about now?

It seems as if I’m the only person on my reading list who hasn’t said anything about the Netflix announcement regarding downloadable movies. There are two reasons for my silence: one is that I’m busier than a three-legged cat trying to cover shit on a marble floor when the only dirt is five miles away, Read more about Shouldn’t I be saying something about Netflix right about now?[…]

Vacation, day #3

Yesterday was another peaceful morning of organizing MP3s and writing songs. Finished a draft in the morning — that felt good. Organized my office and closet somewhat. Then it was off to a god-awful lunch at U.S. Border Cantina, a party-hearty Mexican place apparently popular with Vandy frat boys who drink too many margaritas on Read more about Vacation, day #3[…]

Vacation evening #1

Last night we kicked off our Nashvegas vacation by hanging out on the Demonbreun strip. For non-Nashvillians, this strip (pronounced something like “duh-MUN-bree-un” or “deh-MON-bree-un” — no two native Nashvillians pronounce it the same way) is what used to be a line of so-tacky-they’re-funny gift and souvenir shops. Now they’re so-trendy-they’re-not-even-cool bars and restaurants. Like Read more about Vacation evening #1[…]

Love Actually

Went to an advanced screening of Love Actually last night and I really enjoyed it — it was just what I needed, I think. I love Richard Curtis as a writer, but I’m not sure I love him as a director. But it was certainly not a bad first effort. Kudos to him.