Customer experience done right (yes, even though it’s late)

Yes, they screwed up by announcing they would take away the Profiles feature. But then, when it became clear that customers were upset with the announcement — and by upset, I mean ready to cancel their accounts — Netflix retracted their decision, and sent one of the best apology emails I’ve seen. We Are Keeping Read more about Customer experience done right (yes, even though it’s late)[…]

Tree-friendly reads for Earth Day

We’ve just launched a promotion on that spotlights titles printed on recycled or sustainably harvested paper. Earth Day wasn’t originally on our seasonal marketing calendar (silly oversight) so we pulled this together on very short notice, and I’m proud of us for making the effort.

We’re in the money!

CNN Money, that is. Omniture put out a press release about some of the success has had using their Test & Target (formerly Offermatica) tool, and it got picked up on CNN Money’s Marketwire. And look! “When specifying our testing and optimization goals, we wanted to deliver more personalized content to different types of Read more about We’re in the money![…]

Amazon email mishap – “please fill in”

I’m not one to take glee in others’ misfortunes – schadenfreude just ain’t my style. But there’s something about this email mishap from Amazon in my inbox this morning that just made me giggle, and it’s not the likelihood that someone in Seattle has just lost a job. Maybe it’s the idea that even in Read more about Amazon email mishap – “please fill in”[…]

I’ve never been the “play it cool” type anyway

I’m not even going to pretend for a second that I don’t think this is super-cool: “We found that the page with highest rate of entering and then exiting quickly was our homepage,” says Kate O’Neill, director of customer experience and product development, “And it was happening at such an alarming rate. We needed Read more about I’ve never been the “play it cool” type anyway[…]

Odds and ends: the weekend recovery edition

I’m so lame. I never got around to posting on Blog Action Day. But my excuse is that I’ve had a real roller coaster of a week. I went from, well, managing myself on Monday to having two direct reports on Wednesday, and that’s only part of it. So yeah, I really do think activism Read more about Odds and ends: the weekend recovery edition[…]