Notes on paper vs. notes on laptop: which is better?

Our lives are busy, so people love to talk about productivity and what “life hack” saves them a few minutes or makes their lives incrementally better, and since meetings are a fact of most people’s lives, it’s easy to find varied opinions on the best approach to note-taking. This article, The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking, published Read more about Notes on paper vs. notes on laptop: which is better?[…]

Long voicemails = the end of phones?

After slogging my way through several minutes-long voicemail messages today, I’m developing a hypothesis about divergent voicemail styles. As text messaging has increased, it seems to me anecdotally that voicemail usage has decreased, but those who do leave voicemail messages tend to leave very long ones. If you project that trend out to what may Read more about Long voicemails = the end of phones?[…]

On being in tune

Image by lowjumpingfrog via Flickr From an article on writing the perfect pop song in the Guardian: For Echo and the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch, songwriting is not a choice, but a therapeutic necessity. “When I’m not writing songs, it’s cryptic crosswords and Countdown on the telly. Everything gets a bit fuzzy, a bit bleak.” Yeah. Read more about On being in tune[…]

Odds and ends: the weekend recovery edition

I’m so lame. I never got around to posting on Blog Action Day. But my excuse is that I’ve had a real roller coaster of a week. I went from, well, managing myself on Monday to having two direct reports on Wednesday, and that’s only part of it. So yeah, I really do think activism Read more about Odds and ends: the weekend recovery edition[…]

Process improvement, Post-It Note style

Communications Audit Originally uploaded by brittney Brittney (a.k.a. She Who Is Soon To Be Leaving Us For The City By The Bay) took this picture of the awesome handiwork of one of our colleagues who didn’t happen to have Visio handy, so she made do with Post-It notes. I’m pretty sure she has Visio now, Read more about Process improvement, Post-It Note style[…]