Remember The Milk added a small year-end feature that sums a user’s completed tasks for 2010 and allows users to post about it on Twitter and/or Facebook.


Mine came out to 7,279.

Some people cried foul, and maybe that’s a little bit fair. I definitely do track trivial reminders in RTM. You can see in the screen shot below that a search for “isRepeating:true” yields 71 task results. Not all of these are unique; some of these are even day-by-day tasks set to recur weekly, if, say, my Monday task differs from my Tuesday task.


I also use the RTM add-on for Gmail, which is a lifesaver if you receive large amounts of email. While reviewing my email in Gmail, I star any items that can’t be dealt with “now” to return to and handle later. Which adds a task for them. Then, of course, when I remove the star in Gmail, the task is marked as completed.


So yes, my number may seem a bit inflated. But not really, and here’s why the “foul” is not entirely fair: because a good number of people have asked me how I do so much, and stay (relatively) organized, and this is it. This is my system. Quibble over how the numbers got so high if you want to, but the point is, it works for me.


And my new year’s wish for you is: may whatever is working for you continue to work in 2011.

Yes, I do use Remember The Milk as a reminder service (and here’s how I do it)

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