Gardens Gone Wild!

Gardens Gone Wild! Originally uploaded by Kate O’ Our garden has gone almost all summer without maintenance (darn my pesky thyroid), and it really shows. We haven’t been too concerned about it, figuring my health us more important than a perfectly manicured front yard, and anyway perfectly manicured was never our style, so it’s been Read more about Gardens Gone Wild![…]

The fieldstone effect

Detail of front walkway at gate, originally uploaded by Kate O’. One of the interesting things about getting deep into any major project, like renovating a house and yard, is that new metaphors sometimes emerge throughout the process. For me, one of the best new metaphors to come out of the work we’ve been doing Read more about The fieldstone effect[…]

I can’t think of a subject stupid enough

I backed out of the backyard into the alley this morning — naturally, we’re parking out back these days — and was detoured when I got to the end of the alley by Morgan Park Place construction blocking my normal route out to I-65. So I didn’t drive by the front of our house, as Read more about I can’t think of a subject stupid enough[…]