screen shot of image search showing lots of variations on the keep calm meme

Keep Calm and…

The variations on “Keep Calm and Carry On” got worn out and became repetitive and tedious some time back. (My own personal flavor is “Keep Calm and Pet a Kitty.”) But the message in the words taken from the original British wartime poster, now removed from the cultural context that may have made it relevant, don’t resonate with me Read more about Keep Calm and…[…]

Notes on paper vs. notes on laptop: which is better?

Our lives are busy, so people love to talk about productivity and what “life hack” saves them a few minutes or makes their lives incrementally better, and since meetings are a fact of most people’s lives, it’s easy to find varied opinions on the best approach to note-taking. This article, The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking, published Read more about Notes on paper vs. notes on laptop: which is better?[…]

Gaining Years and Remaining Relevant

I’m not a creature of routine, but I do frequent a particular coffee shop in my neighborhood, partly because the five-minute walk there and back is such a perfect length for getting out of my own head and feeling refreshed. But I decided to try out a different coffee shop this morning because I felt like it would Read more about Gaining Years and Remaining Relevant[…]

I’m Cooking; Keep Me Company

I’m not a very solitary person, which is funny since I work from home and end up spending a lot of time alone. But it’s one of the reasons I maintain a very active online presence; social media is a great outlet for my extroversion when my work requires me to be alone. And I can concentrate on Read more about I’m Cooking; Keep Me Company[…]