screen shot of image search showing oodle of variations on the keep calm meme
screen shot of Google image search showing oodles of variations on the keep calm meme

The variations on “Keep Calm and Carry On” got worn out and became repetitive and tedious some time back. (My own personal flavor is “Keep Calm and Pet a Kitty.”)

But the message in the words taken from the original British wartime poster, now removed from the cultural context that may have made it relevant, don’t resonate with me in these moderns times anyway.

While our discourse has grown more binary, people everywhere seem to be taking to social media and whatever outlets they have to challenge biases, privilege, institutional racism and sexism and classism and everything else keeping us from achieving equality.

It’s really not a time when “keeping calm” seems productive.

So as an alternate, if you prefer:
“Get Pissed and Speak Truth to Power.”

Or at least:
“Get Curious and Ask Questions.”

I’m betting that last one is timeless.

Keep Calm and…

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