screen shot of image search showing lots of variations on the keep calm meme

Keep Calm and…

The variations on “Keep Calm and Carry On” got worn out and became repetitive and tedious some time back. (My own personal flavor is “Keep Calm and Pet a Kitty.”) But the message in the words taken from the original British wartime poster, now removed from the cultural context that may have made it relevant, don’t resonate with me Read more about Keep Calm and…[…]

Bad news for Nashville music in pairs yesterday

It was a little bit of a shock to me to learn yesterday that Ticketmaster has decided to close Nashville-based Echo, which is a company I’ve danced close to for some time but never danced with, if you know what I mean. I have friends that work there, and have followed their trajectory for some Read more about Bad news for Nashville music in pairs yesterday[…]

Depeche Mode, iTunes, and the state of the music industry,

I hadn’t heard about the Depeche Mode iTunes Pass fiasco: Just recently, Apple introduced its iTunes Pass program with Depeche Mode, only to find the proposition dismantled by the internet itself.  The Pass builds extras around a formal album release date, and packages everything into a multi-week program. But all of that is predicated on Read more about Depeche Mode, iTunes, and the state of the music industry,[…]