kitties on chair


  • food
  • nightly feeding ritual
  • huge, heavy tubs of litter
  • time spent cleaning and changing litter
  • vet visits
  • emergency vet visits
  • disruption to sleep (potentially)
  • cat sitter costs (when traveling)
  • hindrance to productivity when working from home
  • cleaning up piss
  • cleaning up vomit
  • cleaning up hairballs
  • cat hair on sofa
  • cat hair on clothes
  • cat hair on kitchen counter
  • cat hair in coffee cup
  • being labeled a “crazy cat lady”


  • purring as relaxation
  • petting as therapy
  • lap warmer
  • furry zen masters
  • bug hunters
  • stupid cat tricks
  • perennial Instagram material


Clear win.

The ROI of Cats
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