I got back to my desk after a weird series of meetings this afternoon and had email from Kerry Woo from WonderDawg that started out with “since you’re getting all the shout outs today…” and I thought, what is he talking about?

So I opened up NetNewsReader, and hey, I did get a few shout outs! CeeElCee over at The Dry Spot flattered me profusely, but perhaps he doesn’t realize I have no control over who walks away with the free Treos and other prizes from tomorrow’s Nashville Palm User Group. This one does sound like a really good meeting, though, and if it weren’t for Oktoberfest, I would totally be there.

But the linkage-love doesn’t stop there: thanks to CeeElCee’s post, Brittney over at Nashville Is Talking learned about my recent “member spotlight” on MyTreo.net and quoted almost the whole thing. AND she called me a cutie. Takes one to know one, Rainbow Brite.

Thanks for all the attention, youse guys. Come by Oktoberfest tomorrow (it was my neighborhood duty to squeeze another promo in there) and I’ll happily buy ya a beer.

I’m feelin’ the love!

One thought on “I’m feelin’ the love!

  • October 14, 2006 at 7:35 am

    doesn’t even begin to describe you, Kate. You and the other ‘K’ in the household are wonders, imo, and fabulous down-the-street neighbors.

    All honor given you is certainly due.

    Feel the love!


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