We’ve signed up for TerraPass for both our car and our home. As S-townMike points out, there is an advantage to living and working in town — our emissions based on mileage are very low. But there’s a major DISadvantage to living in an old, energy-inefficient house: the cost to balance out our home’s CO2 was pretty high! But I took a few of the discounts offered for greening the house: we’re starting to replace our lightbulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs, and we do turn off lights when we leave rooms and all that. I’m bad about not unplugging chargers from the wall, but I need to redo the layout of my desk anyway, and I have a surge protector monitor stand with switches on the front — I’ll put the chargers on the switched plugs when I redo the desk so I can turn those switches off when they’re not charging anything.

We signed up for TerraPass!

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