You know life is too meta when you’re linking to someone’s blog wherein that person is linking to your blog:

4. So, I met this girl, Kate O at Amanda’s birthday party and she was all “Oh, I have a blog but it’s on LiveJournal so you probably don’t read it.” and I said, “Probably not.” and then I got home and thought “Wow, I bet she’s got a cool blog” but thought nothing more of it. Then, I was reading Bloglines today and what did I see?

[excerpt from my entry yesterday, which would be way too, oh, what’s the word for illusion where a picture is a picture of the same picture within a picture within a picture, etc? anyway, that]

Yes, I read Kate’s blog already! I’m just too “Aunt B., World’s Worst Detective” to realize it when I met her.

Your turn, Aunt B.

How meta is this?

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