Coming out to my cat

I just woke up from a dream in which I was coming out to my cat, Blackberry.

Halfway through telling Blackberry I’m bi (“so that means I sleep with both men and women” — I dream of not-very-good definitions of bisexuality) he turned into my coworker who’s Indian (as in, from India).

I think this dream is trying to tell me something. I think Blackberry may be Indian, too. Or at least, he has an Indian accent. We’ve always said Blackberry has a “funny”-sounding meow. Now I feel horribly monocultural. Maybe he was just meowing with an accent.

3 thoughts on “Coming out to my cat

  • I had an odd dream this morning where I was having a conversation with my partner, who was a man in one scene and a woman in the next, but still the same person. In dream logic, this was not at all odd.

    I should also note that neither the male or female version of my dream partner bore any resemblance to my actual waking life partner (who happens to be a woman).

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