Updated: Never mind! I found this and learned the ending myself. 🙂


We checked out a DVD of “The Ladykillers” from the library yesterday and were really enjoying it — and it stopped playing during the climax. Aaaah!

Can someone tell me how it ends?

Of course, this means there may be spoilers in my comments, so DON’T READ MY COMMENTS ON THIS TOPIC IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW HOW “THE LADYKILLERS” ENDS! I’m just sayin’.


We got as far as where the Peter Sellers character has drawn the short match and is standing in front of the doorway to the sitting room with his tie in his hands as if he’s going to strangle her.

But that’s where the DVD stopped, and no amount of cajoling or restarting would make it play.

How does it end?

Can anyone tell me how “The Ladykillers” ends?

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