The 100 Biggest Top 100 Hits

From Mi2N, the Music Industry News Network comes this release. Wondering how it was determined? The list was compiled by Cashbox chart archivist Randy Price using a progressive inverse point system applied to the positions each record held on the weekly Top 100 charts. In addition, a compensation factor was calculated for each year to Read more about The 100 Biggest Top 100 Hits[…]

Thanks, Josh Ritter, for getting me ready for Monday

Monday is the anniversary of my dad’s death, again. It was a reflective time for me last year and it’s looking like it will be the same this year. I can tell because last night we went to see Josh Ritter (whom Jae has been talking about for years but I’m just catching up). There Read more about Thanks, Josh Ritter, for getting me ready for Monday[…]

Purity vs. technique in songwriting

Mark at This Guy Falls Down has some musings on songwriting and his “songwriting hacks” series (which can be found by riffling through the Creative Process category on his blog archives). I just don’t think participating in the creative process is an area where you can find a clever workaround. The creative process is not Read more about Purity vs. technique in songwriting[…]

Prosody and God’s Will

Something about that Martina McBride song “God’s Will” (written by Tom Douglas and Barry Dean) gives me chills, but it’s not the lyrics, interestingly enough. I find the lyrical story a bit of a turnoff, actually, since I’m not a believer. But that chorus melody and the cadence and internal rhyme resulting from the repetition Read more about Prosody and God’s Will[…]

Lessons in great songwriting

“Everybody always laughs at love but what they want is to be proven wrong” – Allen/Hall/Oates, “Did It in a Minute” It isn’t just that this is a great lyric (though I certainly think it is). It’s the way they wrote the prechorus/build melody to go with it: drawn-out, punctuated, really driving home the meaning Read more about Lessons in great songwriting[…]