From Mi2N, the Music Industry News Network comes this release. Wondering how it was determined?

The list was compiled by Cashbox chart archivist Randy Price using a progressive inverse point system applied to the positions each record held on the weekly Top 100 charts. In addition, a compensation factor was calculated for each year to allow for more-meaningful comparisons among the chart performances of records from the earlier decades and those from more-recent years, when the average stay on the chart was much longer. Records that had two or more separate chart runs are ranked based on their combined point totals.

The first song from the ’90s that shows up is this:

4. END OF THE ROAD – Boyz II Men (Motown) – 1992

Really? Yikes.

The first one from the ’80s?

12. ENDLESS LOVE – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (Motown) – 1981

Why do hit songs always seem so embarrassing in retrospect?

The 100 Biggest Top 100 Hits

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