Karsten and I went to the Send B to Beantown shindig last night where there was much karaoke and much too much to drink. But it was crazy fun, which is partly thanks to the people present and, let’s be honest, partly due to the presence of karaoke.

Ivy & The Bloggers perform "Love Shack"

I mean, the karaoke was wicked fun to watch. This is Nashville, after all, and there were some amazing singers in the audience, some of them from our own group. I didn’t get up and sing anything, mostly because I couldn’t think of anything I was really in the mood for. Ginger and I joked about doing a duet on “Don’t Cha” (as in the Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me”) but neither of us knew enough of the words to do anything other than read along with the cue screen, which is no fun.

And karaoke is definitely about fun, as Kat Coble amply demonstrated with an enthusiastic performance of “Werewolves of London.” As I said in comments over at Nashville Is Talking,

what I love about karaoke is when folks get up and just sing something fun whether they think they can sing or not, and just belt it out with a big ol’ smile on their faces and get everyone in the audience to love them.

Anyway, as I said, I didn’t sing anything, and neither did several others in the crowd. Chris Wage says he actually sings well, but couldn’t be coaxed to get up and perform. Though he did take pictures.

Chris Wage - the photographer at work

And Jon, despite having been a professional musician and all for years, claimed that he probably wouldn’t have been able to find a selection that suited him. And yet later, at the “after party” at Beyond The Edge, while we all chatted and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” was piping through the outdoor speakers, Jon cried out “You’re all talking as if Alice Cooper isn’t playing right now.” So we quieted down and paid our respects to Mr. Cooper as Jon sang along. It may not have been up on a stage, but hey, he did perform a wee bit. Oh, and we also did a little duet of a medley of Styx songs from the “Kilroy Was Here” album a few songs later when “Mr. Roboto” came on. So yeah, sing-alongs were sort of the theme of the evening.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself immensely, even if I’m paying the price a bit today. And Karsten got to know a few more of the local bloggers, even if Mack mistakenly thinks he’s smarter than Karsten.

(More pictures are up at my “Send B to Beantown” flickr set.)

Ah ooooh!

One thought on “Ah ooooh!

  • May 28, 2007 at 8:51 am

    Ha! I wish I could say I remember much of that. It does sound familiar in a hazy re-triggered memory sort of way. I did remember something about being a closet Styx fan coming up, but I wasn’t sure what the context was. But I suppose it’s good to admit it. First step towards recovery and all 🙂

    Anyway I was definitely wasted if I was getting into “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. I’m really much more of a “Welcome to My Nightmare” fan 🙂


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