It was miserably hot, but we walked through almost every street in Salemtown and threw in a few in Germantown for good measure.

Germantown had planned a cookout for the Night Out Against Crime, but it had to be cancelled. Instead, Germantown neighbors were invited to the walk organized by Salemtown neighbors organized.

Which was fine by me because we did the cookout last year — and sure, it was nice to meet neighbors and be sociable and all — but every Germantown neighborhood event is like that. And it doesn’t really pertain specifically to the theme other than the idea that knowing your neighbors is a great way to reduce crime — which is a hard idea to argue with.

But still, there’s definitely more going on in both of these neighborhoods than can be handled by just being friendly with your neighbors. Confronting the issues in a “we’re taking back the streets” manner seems to me more sincere and more direct.

On the other hand, did I mention it was hot? Really, really hot. And did I mention we walked a really long way? Yeah, OK, I did, but by the time Karsten and I dropped out as the walk passed our house (which surely had to have been near the end of the walk anyway), we were sweaty and starving, having waited until after the walk for dinner.

Still, it was great to mingle with the Salemtown crew, and to chat with our friends from up the street. Folks from the Salemtown neighborhood association were giving out informational flyers to neighbors who were looking on from their homes, and several of the walkers were giving out candy and balloons to neighborhood kids. Also, John H of Salem’s Lots pointed out that we have something like 5 bloggers living within 3 blocks on the same street (including perhaps North Nashville’s best-known blogger, S-townMike of Enclave), but I added that if you take in a few of the side streets, I know that number climbs quickly.

If only blogging could prevent bird feeders from getting stolen. It probably can’t. But walking with neighbors to make the streets safer — now that stands a chance of making a difference.

Update: More posts about the walk! John H on Salem’s Lots, and S-townMike on Enclave.

Walking in the Night Out Against Crime, 8/1/2006

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