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When I saw my mom last week in Chicago, she said there was one thing she was disappointed about regarding the article that described the luncheon that turned into an impromptu memorial for my dad. She wished she’d known they were going to do that so she could have directed them to the memorial web site and information about his memorial fund.

I suggested she write a letter to the editor, partly to thank them and partly to provide that information. She did, and says she’s already heard back from the editor, as well as the business editor and the reporter who covered the luncheon, and they’re all touched by what she wrote.

Letter to the Editor:

     I am the President and CEO of the Matteson Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC). The Star recently covered an event we hosted and in the January 22nd issue of The Star, a great deal of the article dealt with tributes that were made during that event to my recently deceased husband, Marty O’Neill. Many of the speakers gave testimony to Marty’s continual display of care and support for our organization and our area.
     He was one of the charter members of the Autumn Gala fundraiser for MACC and the Unity Coalition of South Suburbs. He believed that all people at the very minimum should learn to live together and at best love each other. Marty was truly loved, appreciated, and revered by so many people – of all races and religion.
     Our chamber is known as “A Chamber With Heart” and I was surprised to learn that a publishing company could show that they have heart. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about Marty O’Neill’s legacy. I would only like to add this: our business community is assisting my children and I to build a memorial to Marty – perhaps a peaceful park-like setting on our church grounds with an inscription of gratitude to the positive messages portrayed through Marty’s life and love.
     Please visit to learn more about Marty and the Memorial Fund.
     Thank you for paying tribute to a role model that was an inspiration to many of us in this entire region. How wonderful that a newspaper would do that – Marty would have been proud!

Georgia O’Neill

And one more update by way of a letter

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