We heard back a few days ago that a serious renovator had outbid us, but the seller wanted to keep ours as a backup offer. This renovator was going to be doing his own inspection, so we’d know in a few days whether he’d be backing out.

Jenkins insisted that there was still a chance that he’d do just that, at which I wondered aloud if we’d want it when he was turning it down. She reassured me that his decision was going to be based on whether he could turn a quick buck on it, not whether he could — as we would — live in it for a few years, fixing it up gradually while building equity.

Anyway, he decided to proceed. And Jenkins says the sale is pending already so he must be paying cash.

So, to recap:

Within one day of its listing on the market, we got to see and bid on a house that ended up generating dozens of offers in a few short days. And ours was the second-best, beat out only by someone who clearly does this for a living and makes a great deal of money at it. That tells me a lot about the savviness of our agent. At least we’re finally working with the right person. The right house is sure to come sooner or later.

Outbid on the house

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