Karsten’s quote of the day lifetime:

“She’s having a happy fit in my pants!”


Got a massage today at Nashville Sports Massage on Church St. I went there to see if the guy could help me with my lingering hip troubles. He really dug in, and tonight my hip hurts, but maybe in a good way. I’m going to try running again mid-next week, so we’ll see.


Met with another lender today who offered a great deal, so we completed the application and other paperwork. We’re approved for more money with less down at a lower interest rate. So now we just have to find a new realtor and a new house.


Karsten is experimenting with bourbon. (Thanks a lot, and . 😉 ) The other day, he bought 1-ounce bottles of Woodford Reserve and Bulleit, and tasted each one tonight. According to him, the Woodford Reserve has a “harsher mouthfeel” (I taught him that word, thank you very much) than the Bulleit. The latter, however, is emphatically wonderful, apparently.


Oh, and my masseur? Also a songwriter. Welcome to Nashvegas, baby.

Friday evening miscellany

3 thoughts on “Friday evening miscellany

  • January 7, 2005 at 10:18 pm


    I have corrupted The Karsten!


    I am endulging in a double Maker’s on the rocks myself right now.


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