One of the things we do on my team at work when we’re setting goals for a time period is to determine what our areas of focus (or “pillars”) for that period are; in other words, what overarching categories of activities take priority. In my personal life, the pillars for 2005 are pretty much the same as they were in 2004:

Improve my nutrition. In 2005, I think this means making it a priority to buy and prepare produce with more regularity; cook with beans more often (I love beans!); eat more raw veggies; snack on celery sticks and carrots instead of pretzel sticks; drink a little more water and a little less coffee and hot cocoa and beer.
Improve my fitness. I’d hoped that 2005 would be the year to run my first marathon, but, sadly, my lingering hip pain says I won’t be running anytime soon. So instead, this probably entails a continuing focus on non-impact cardio, resistance training, and yoga/pilates/dance.
Improve my finances. In 2005, this probably entails either buying and renovating a house (for long-term financial gain), or starting a business (whether it’s a consultancy or a restaurant or whatever) and trying to make money while watching our spending.
Improve and advance my songwriting. In 2005, this means making time to write more often, finishing more songs, setting money aside for demos, and pitching songs to people who have the ability to get them cut.

In general, it seems like most resolutions fall into two major categories: tasks or projects to accomplish, and behaviors to change. Here are four of each.

Tasks or Projects to Accomplish

Pitch at least one song to at least one publisher/producer/songplugger. It may sound like I’ve set the bar too low on this one, but I’m just trying to make this as attainable as I can. Implicit in that statement are quite a few prerequisite tasks: get a recent song demo’ed, make a bunch of phone calls until we get an appointment with someone, etc.

Research viability of opening a pizzeria/restaurant with . Even if we don’t decide to take it any further than talking about it, I want to be sure we’ve considered what it would take and how we might do it.

Bulk up my “scrap-files.” I don’t keep a scrapbook; I keep a file cabinet with a hanging folder for each year and filing folders for different memorable events or periods. I’d love to find some time to go back and write some memoirs and file them with the photos and other mementos. I also want to organize some of it into pages. Someday there may be a series of scrapbooks, but for 2005, my goal is just to add some depth to the files.

Visit my parents for short trips every few weeks or months. This year looks like it’s going to be tough for them with my dad’s cancer and neurological condition (whatever it is determined to be); I need to be there as often as I can to offer help and support.

Behaviors to Change

Spend less time on personal email and LiveJournal. At work, I obviously have other things that need doing, and I’m not interested in being a slacker. At home, I should be using at least some of that time to write songs or read or clean or organize or hang out with Karsten and the kitties.

Use LiveJournal for more productive purposes. If I’m going to use it so much, I might as well be using it to stir some creative thought or organize myself, even if those are private entries.

Listen and pay attention for song ideas. They’re everywhere, and sometimes I’m in the place where I can hear them around me. I need to be in that place all the time.

Load and unload the dishwasher more often. It may sound like a trivial thing, but I leave it up to Karsten 99% of the time, and I know he despises being in the kitchen. I love being in the kitchen, and I usually don’t mind doing the dishes. He does plenty of other household chores; I should pick this one up.

And of course, like any goals, these are subject to change.

Happy new year, everybody.

2005 Priorities and Resolutions

5 thoughts on “2005 Priorities and Resolutions

  • January 2, 2005 at 3:16 pm

    Listen and pay attention for song ideas.

    It’s sort of funny that you mention this. I was thinking today on the long drive through Indiana that I know lots of songs about love, even more about heartbreak.. but I can’t say that I know any songs about forced (but hopefully) temporary separation (ie: Gabe’s leaving for Lejeune for Marines training, then potentially deployed). I can’t think of one. So if you want it, there’s an idea for you. 🙂

  • January 2, 2005 at 3:32 pm

    I’ll keep that in mind, thanks! But do you know the song “Come Home Soon” by SHeDaisy? It’s a big hit for them right now, and the one band member, Kristyn Osborn, wrote it about her friend’s husband, who’s in the military and stationed overseas.

    Come Home Soon
    by Kristyn Osborn & John Shanks

    I put away the groceries
    And I take my daily bread
    I dream of your arms around me
    As I tuck the kids in bed

    I don’t know what you’re doin’
    And I don’t know where you are
    But I look up at that great big sky
    And I hope you’re wishin’ on that same bright star

    I wonder, I pray

    And I sleep alone
    I cry alone
    And it’s so hard livin’ here on my own
    So please, come home soon
    (Come home soon)

    I know that we’re together
    Even though we’re far apart
    And I’ll wear our lucky penny ’round my neck
    Pressed to my heart

    I wonder, I pray

    [repeat chorus]

    I still imagine your touch
    It’s beautiful missing something that much
    But sometimes love needs a fighting chance
    So I’ll wait my turn until it’s our turn to dance

    I wonder, I pray

    I sleep alone
    I cry alone
    Without you this house is not a home
    So please, come home soon

    I walk alone
    I try alone
    I’ll wait for you, don’t want to die alone
    So please, come home soon

    Come home soon
    Come home soon

  • January 8, 2005 at 7:48 pm

    First of all: you are a good woman, and a good friend. Just thought I should make you aware of that, in case you didn’t realize.

    Second of all: I love the way you’ve organized these. They’re clear and viable; they sound like achievable dreams, rather than the grandiose and entirely unattainable fantasies most resolutions seem to be.

    Third of all: I am quite intrigued by the business idea. Once RP2 is out of the way (24 Jan is the target date – that’s a week after it’s due, and I think it’s doable), what would you say to having a planning lunch?

    ::hugs you and speeds away to research::

  • January 9, 2005 at 7:42 am

    1- Thank you. I hope you know you’re appreciated, too. *hugs*

    2- Thanks! I think about goals frequently, and I don’t only set them at the new year, so it makes it easier to know where I’m trying to go and how I need to get there. On the other hand, I have to start making my 2005 goals for work in the next week or two, and I’m kind of dreading that. I have far more control over my personal life, so it’s easier to assess and impose priorities. At work, I’m subject to the whims of my superiors, and they’re pretty whim-ful.

    3- Just say when. I’m at your disposal whenever you’re ready.

    I did put some books on hold at the library on starting a restaurant, so depending on how soon we lunch, I’ll either have reviewed the books and taken some notes, or I’ll bring them to the lunch, or they’ll still be en route to me. 🙂

    Good luck with RP2! Let me know if you need more wine. 😉

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