I’m supposed to be working on a proposal that will go before the Governance committee to get them to determine what the access cutoff date on the legacy system will be once we replace it with the new system. The basis of the proposal is how overallocated the portal team is — specifically the business analysts (of which I am one) — and how we simply won’t be able to accomplish the insane arbitrary deadline that’s been set (March 26, 2004).

It should be motivating, because I’m writing something that could save me a lot of frustration. But for some reason, it’s just demoralizing. I feel put upon having to spend time writing up detailed analysis of something anyone with half a brain could understand if I explained it for five minutes.

And the whole point of the proposal is that I have too much to do. So I find it absurd, in that inimitable corporate way, to spend so much time on something that has nothing to do with building the new system. Just sayin’.

Sometimes it’s not about what’s logical

One thought on “Sometimes it’s not about what’s logical

  • November 18, 2003 at 7:37 am

    Nothing much to say, except “yup”.


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