When at last you reach the end, turn around and start again

When your cell phone rings at 2:35 AM, you can be sure it’s a call you wish you didn’t have to take. I marveled at how calm my mother managed to sound as she said, “Your father passed.” I took some time to completely fall apart in the hotel room, with Karsten comforting me. It’s Read more about When at last you reach the end, turn around and start again[…]

Why my dad is so great, #1,983,284,393

Ever since my dad started pressuring me to go to this past weekend’s family wedding in Baltimore — and the pressure started back in August — I’ve been meaning to dig out my saved copy of this email exchange and post it for you all to read and for me to re-read. Because it’s one of the things that makes me realize how much I’m going to miss my dad. I’ll post more about the wedding itself later.

Back in October 1998, I found a web site called Familypoint.com that was supposed to be a virtual meeting place for extended families. I set up a site for my family and mentioned it to my parents just before they attended a family wedding in Baltimore so they could spread the word about it to everyone. One of my cousins who is roughly my age found my personal web site through a series of links from the Familypoint.com site and was apparently shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn that I’m bi and poly.

Her father, my uncle, promptly sent me a nasty email about it. […]

Random countdown & countup

Milestones upcoming and past. This helps me stay aware of what a given period of time feels like. Just under a month until I see my dad, maybe for the last time. One month exactly until I turn 30. Two months (when the music executives are all back in their offices after the holidays) until Read more about Random countdown & countup[…]

I’m not a religious or even a spiritual person…

but this email from my sister choked me up. I hope this e-mail finds all well and enjoying life!! Dad is to complete his radiation next week. So far he has done very well. No horrible effects, other than skin irritations and exhaustion. His spirits are good and he is trying to look at this Read more about I’m not a religious or even a spiritual person…[…]