Suzanne Vega on Twitter: “I found my letter from Prince”

Such a simple post by Suzanne Vega; such a beautiful story. In case you can’t read the writing (although I think the penmanship, which is presumably Prince’s, is charming), it says: Dearest Suzanne, Luka is the most compelling piece of music I’ve heard in a long time. There are no words 2 tell u all the things I Read more about Suzanne Vega on Twitter: “I found my letter from Prince”[…]

Thankful or Grateful?

In a private grief support group on Facebook, we had a recent discussion about the idea of Thanksgiving. A few of the participants said that they couldn’t imagine feeling thankful at this point in their lives. That idea struck me because, as I’ve previously written, my grieving process has been heavily colored by the idea of Read more about Thankful or Grateful?[…]