Writing as Identity and Action

A long time ago I read something Kevin Smith said about how if you ever thought you might be a filmmaker, guess what: you are. I don’t remember how he said it exactly, but what I took away was that if you want to be a filmmaker, you have to both decide you are a filmmaker and, y’know, actually make films. I’m Read more about Writing as Identity and Action[…]

Books that have inspired or influenced me

You know those things that are half meme, half chain letter? Where someone tags you and you have to answer a bunch of questions or play a game and then tag a bunch more people? Well, I got tagged in one on Facebook. And normally I don’t play along, because I’m stubborn that way, but Read more about Books that have inspired or influenced me[…]

This Week Alone

This week alone, my first week of transitioning to my new business, I have: Spoken to a group of undergrad students about empathy in marketing strategy, prepped for a similar talk to a larger group of students, moderated a panel for a new group for women in technology about visibility and personal brand, been approached about Read more about This Week Alone[…]