I had quite a few non-raw meals this weekend: veggie & hummus bagel sandwiches at Star Bagel on Saturday morning, and brunch with six awesome women at The Wild Cow on Sunday morning. Both meals were well worth splurging on. 

But I also did a bit of raw “cooking,” and everything I made this weekend came out great! I made raw pizza on Friday night, based on a recipe I saved in Evernote but which appears to have since been removed from the blog that posted it. It’s basically ground flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, garlic, black sesame seeds, salt, and water. I also added a bunch of Italian seasoning because it seemed kind of blah without it. That turned out pretty good – certainly a good base to tweak for future improvising. 

Then there was the black olive pesto (more like a cross between pesto and tapenade – yum) and the red pepper hummus with lime, both from Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney – easily the most consistent of my raw cookbooks in terms of pleasing Karsten (who’s been, shall we say, less than impressed with most of the raw dishes I’ve been making) and other non-raw eaters, although with many daunting steps that say things like “dehydrate for 36 hours.” Not even kidding. Menu planning is a must if you want crowd-pleasing raw food. 

And then on the opposite end of the prep time spectrum, there was the raw chili, found by dumb luck on a search for, you guessed it, ‘raw chili’. (I was getting hungry from reading all the mentions on Twitter of eating or making chili while watching the Superbowl. I kind of didn’t expect to actually find raw chili recipes, let alone quite a few of them.) It only took about 15 minutes to make, and then about an hour in the dehydrator just to warm it up, but if you don’t mind chilly chili, you can eat it cold. It’s stupid good for being so dead easy. 

Anyone want to come over for lunch? We’re having leftovers. 🙂
Raw ‘cooking’
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