Music and food: do they go together for you?

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I’m making a pizza (not the one pictured, although DON’T I WISH!), and I don’t have any music playing. This is most unusual. As I wander over to the laptop to remedy this situation, I thought I’d ask those of you who are music lovers and foodies: do you always have music playing while you cook, sometimes, never, or what? How does your music enjoyment interact with and overlap with your food enjoyment?

6 thoughts on “Music and food: do they go together for you?

  • My kids have me so desperate for quiet of any kind that my love of music has utterly disappeared. I suppose it’s sad, but I’ve reached a point where music just makes my nerves all jangly. I suppose that will change when the kids are older and actual exit the house once in a while without me two steps behind.

  • iTunes playlists streamed from my desktop to the living room stereo via the “squeezebox classic” ( — there will be no cooking without a soundtrack. Raphael (age 4) gets a steady diet of classic and progressive rock, funk, fusion, and whatever else is in the mix. A couple days ago he was singing along to Dream Theater. Good times!

    We made pizza tonight, too: smoked salmon, roasted corn, red onion, creme fraiche, and fresh mint. (Not entirely vegan, no. Don’t tell my colon.)

  • Okay, that pizza looks like a stuffed spinach pizza from Eduardo’s on Dearborn in Chicago. I love that stuff!

    As for music, Tim’s really the cook in our house and the food’s always better when he picks the playlist!!

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