A backed-up iTunes library is a good, good thing.

Except when you screw up and back up your iTunes library to several different copies over several backup attempts, and then find yourself having to comb through each backup copy and figure out what might be missing or different between them.

But I think I’ve finally corrected my previous mistakes, and iBackup seems to be capable of backing up my entire 90GB laptop hard drive at once — it just appears as if it’s hanging for a really long time (right around when it gets to the iTunes library), so it’s probably better to run it overnight when it won’t unnerve me with its apparent lack of progress.

What a relief! I’m so glad this is resolved. Now I can go delete some songs off my laptop hard drive and make some space for, well, more songs probably.

I’ve sorted out my stupid mistakes! (Well, at least one of them.)

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