No really! I want to know. Food is very serious to me, y’all.

So, rawfoodists don’t eat food that’s been exposed to heat over 100 or 110 degrees or whatever (I’ve seen a pretty broad range cited, actually), right?

So does that mean that produce grown during a heat wave is out of the question? Or does the heat restriction only apply once the fruit or vegetable is removed from the plant or the plant itself is no longer in the ground?

(Yes, the attentive among you will surely point out that I should know as I myself kept to a raw diet for a short period of time once. I felt great, too. But it was too much work and I got lazy.)

Serious question

One thought on “Serious question

  • August 17, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    I think it’s after it’s no longer growing. Living creatures can moderate high temps to keep their bodies going, so the enzymes should still be intact and doing their little enzyme things as long as the creature is alive.

    I like to include raw food in my diet (milk, fish, cheese, veg & fruits, nuts) but would prefer not to eat them exclusively.


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