The downstairs neighbors were at it again this morning with the karaoke, and it promised to be a bad day at the apartment. So we took off at lunchtime and had a quick lunch at Atlanta Bread Company (I had tomato soup with fennel and dill in a sourdough bread bowl, yum!), and then decided to check out Radnor Lake.

Did a little hiking, a little accidental mud-skiing, a little deer-watching, and even saw a tussle between two huge slider turtles! In the visitor center, I saw the happiest-looking snake I’ve ever seen (he was a pine snake, but isn’t this the absolute cutest snake picture you’ve ever seen?). It was a lovely, relaxing day.

Even the accidental mud-skiing didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the day, although I was ill-prepared for muddy hiking, wearing sporty flip-flops instead of walking shoes or hiking boots. So when we got back to the apartment, I pulled out the foot spa and gave myself a pedicure. Not quite as good as they do at the salon, but hey! 25 bucks cheaper.

And now I have freshly scrubbed feet and polished toes, and I’m sipping my Absolut Raspberri and tonic, and it’s not such a bad day after all.

Yay for Radnor Lake!

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