Tough workout this morning. After 2 miles on the treadmill, I had to hop off, stretch, and do some other exercises like squats and Roman chair bends. Then I got back on the treadmill for another 2 miles, but it was really rough going the whole time.

I guess it’s understandable, though. Yesterday I did my fastest run since my injury, so my muscles may still be trying to recover. It was still not fast, mind, but I kept a steady 10 min/mile pace, which is significant improvement from my 12 min/miles two weeks ago. I’ll try to keep up the 10:00 pace for a little while longer before I start shooting for under 10 min/mile over a longish run. It’s tough to be patient about this because before my injury, I was working my way into the 7 min/mile range. I expect it’ll be months before I regain that kind of speed. But at this point I’m more concerned about regaining my mileage than my speed, and that’s steadily improving.

Working out in recovery

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