I love this.

From the AP – Long before his days as billionaire premier, Silvio Berlusconi used to croon on a cruise ship. Now, Italy’s leader is coming out with an album of love songs.

My favorite part is the lyrical excerpt:

“One verse penned by the premier goes: ‘With my heart in my mouth/Because your love is everything to me/I know you may make me suffer/But I’ll never let you go/Even if I have to fight/I will love you until the end.’ ”

Gee, he should write boy band songs.

2 thoughts on “I love this.

  • BWA! That’s great. Italian politicians seriously scare me. They have a new government every year (at least), too, which is just crazy.


    P.S. One suggestion: Could you maybe put long URLs like that in a link, rather than in the entry directly? They can lengthen the window and mess up people’s friends pages. Thanks!

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