Dinner tonight is by candlelight, not because it’s romantic, but because in the process of repairing our dishwasher that leaked all over our kitchen floor today, Karsten discovered that the wiring leading to the dishwasher was sketchy at best, and possibly a fire hazard. So until the electrician can show up, hopefully tomorrow, we have to leave the circuit off for the dishwasher, and that, believe it or not, includes the ceiling light and fan.


Because if we’ve learned nothing else from renovating a 170-year-old house that was previously “remodeled” by what we can only assume were crackheads, you encounter what can only be described as “crackhead decisions.” Such as wiring the dishwasher to the same circuit as the room light.


Or the candlelight is because it’s romantic. Let’s go with that.

Why are we having dinner by candlelight, you may ask?

One thought on “Why are we having dinner by candlelight, you may ask?

  • November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Older homes never cease to amaze with their quirks. We currently live in an old foursquare that has some "interesting" wiring and plumbing challenges. It definitely means that weekends are not dull at all (though sometimes you just hope one of them will be).Good luck!


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