Last one out’s a rotten egg!

Originally uploaded by Kate O’

See this stuff? This Kala Namak black mineral salt? I bought it
because the copy on the packaging says "The distinctive smell and
flavor of eggs makes this salt unforgettable."

Unforgettable is right: I added it to my vegan French toast batter
this morning, and all was well until I stirred in the soymilk.
Apparently, when you wet it, it somehow activates the smell. The
kitchen filled with the "unforgettable" aroma of nearly-rotten eggs.

Karsten, who wasn’t interested in the French toast anyway, had to
leave the room. That was 40 minutes ago. He still hasn’t come back.

Note the oil burner going strong in the background. Vanilla Spice.
Hopefully it’s potent enough to overtake rotten egg smell. Ugh.

Thing is, the smell largely cooked off, and the French toast was
really good. So now I have a real dilemma whenever I want to make
anything that could benefit from a fake-egg flavor. Is it worth the
short-term stink and driving Karsten out of the room for the rest of
the morning? I guess I’ll play it by ear, or maybe by nose.

Last one out’s a rotten egg!

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