If you saw this, you had to have known I’d be all over it. ("All over it" meaning, of course, linking to it lazily without much comment.) From Jezebel, a "Network"-worthy rant about our inalienable right to a cocktail or three:

Here’s the thing: We’ve got higher life expectancies these days but we’re in a fast-paced, globally-warmed, been-there-done-that, terrorism-threat-level-permanently-orangeish world where there are few legal ways to soothe the soul; and sometimes chocolate and pictures of kittens just aren’t enough. Many of us emerge from our square-ish homes, travel in boxy vehicles to spend the day in a cube of a workspace. Why not hit the bar for some actual social human interaction? The ancient Greeks had Dionysus; we have happy hour. The government thinks you drink too much? So what?! And if you’re successful, working hard, isn’t there something civilized about an after-work cocktail? Does anyone else want to raise a glass and toast the invention of alcohol?

Never fear: I do. Cheers.

Can’t a girl have a big-ass glass of booze anymore?

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