Karsten and I went to a very important birthday celebration last night: that of Amanda, she who is Chris Wage‘s girlfriend and who has not her own blog so that I can give no appropriate linkage. (I could, perhaps, provide inappropriate linkage, but that would be inappropriate.) We enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Partied with the likes of Brittney from Nashville is Talking and none other than Aunt B of Tiny Cat Pants. As well as a bunch of other cool people who may or may not have blogs. And, of course, my new girlfriend: Strawberry Shortcake.

We got to feel all urban, too: we cabbed it over to the party and then, at 2:30 AM, walked all the way back home. And even got asked if we were models (“you’re beautiful!”) by a drunk group of what seemed to be government guys or something. And everyone knows you gotta watch out for those government guys.

One revelation: we determined that I’m older than Aunt B, who is older than most of the other party guests, so I guess all you crazy kids can start calling me Great Aunt Kate or something. Come to think of it, feed me homemade dolmas and some crazy delicious cheeses, and I really won’t care what you call me.

So anyway, now we have less than a week until the Oktoberfest street festival and it’s a race against time to get our house ready for the party. (Confidential to our favorite East Side hotties: hope we see you then!) Karsten has a mean hangover today but he’s still helping, bless his heart, and I’m coffee-powered so I’ve been kicking clutter’s ass! I’ve just got to pull myself away from the internets and get back to focusing on domestic goddessery. Maybe another pot of coffee will do the trick.

Of parties and preparation

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