After last week’s blogger party, I spent some time this weekend updating my links list into a local blogroll of sorts, though since LJ limits the size of the overall list to 50 links, I’m having to be selective until I spend the time to work out a more complex style to allow more links.

In the meantime, though, I just added one this morning: everyone say hello to my neighbor-up-the-street John H and wish him a speedy recovery from his heated confrontation with the curb. The odd thing is, I haven’t seen John and his wife in weeks, and yet we were all chatting in front of the Cat Shack earlier that evening, presumably shortly before the accident occurred. But I believe I can get several character witnesses to testify that I’m not the type of girl to push a man off a curb, so I hope I’m cleared of any suspicion.

Blogroll updates

One thought on “Blogroll updates

  • July 11, 2006 at 11:00 am

    and I can say with certainty that although the convo with you and Karsten was great, it did not in any way, shape or form, distract me to the point that I managed to not see a freakin’ curb. I owe that mis-step, mishap, to being a dorkoid.

    Enjoying your blog, and as you may know, I’ve linked to you as well.

    thanks again – john h


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