If my life ever flashes before my eyes, I wonder if I'll regret all the hours I've spent grooming myself. And so much of it has to do with hair! There's epilating my legs, tweezing my eyebrows, shaving my underarms, trimming pubic hair (TMI?), and of course, cutting and coloring the hair on my head.

Sure, I know I don't have to do all of these — heck, I guess I don't even have to do any of these, although if I didn't at least cut my hair it'd probably get a little unwieldy, a la Crystal Gayle — but I prefer how I look and feel with them all done regularly.

So this weekend has been a real hairfest. Not only have I performed all of the aforementioned hair rituals in one weekend, I've also cut Karsten's hair. (He actually wanted it short again! He looks good in it; kind of Jon-Bon-Jovi-esque.)

Incidentally, here's a picture of my new hair color. The picture makes it seem darker, but the color is fairly dark with sort of auburn highlights. I quite like it on me. It seems like a good match for my skin coloring.

Hair management

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